//strength and speed

Designed to win

Our Carbon Race SUPs are fast, light and stable. A Carbon/innegra construction means they retain strength without adding weight. Efficient paddlers and easy to handle, these boards are quick.

Designed using state of the art CAD technology and shaped with a deadly accurate CNC machine ensures you get to experience the best boards possible.

Carbon fibre epoxy sandwich construction means you get a board that is light, strong and fast.

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ASP boards get the little things right

  • Light weight carbon fibre epoxy sandwich construction.
  • Cad modelled, CNC shaped.
  • Finely tuned rocker and outlines.
  • Lightened EVA deck pad.
  • Vented carry handle.
  • Custom design to suit your requirements

High performance Carbon Race SUP

All of our SUP designs are CAD modelled and CNC shaped for consistency and accuracy.


We put in hours of R&D work to make sure our designs work in all situations.

We use a super strong, yet incredibly light carbon fibre epoxy sandwich construction that minimises weight while retaining outstanding strength and performance.


Our race designs target high performance paddling, to get you places in the most efficient way.